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We have changed…

Over the last several months, we’ve taken some time to reflect on what we set out to accomplish with Nick and Nat’s Uptown 21. We are extremely proud along with our amazing staff that we did what we hoped to do when we started here almost 8 years ago. Times are always changing, and as a business we’ve decided to answer that call and move on to a new venture.

All things must pass and it is an end of a “phase” for Uptown 21. We are retiring Uptown 21 as we all know it.  We’ve followed our dreams creating fantastic feasts and daily changing menus while meeting with good friends over good times.

We’ll be changing things up starting in September. What we used to do as weekly dinner service at Uptown 21 will be gone, but we will still be here in a different form.  So it’s not “goodbye” but “see ya’ later” for some of the best things we’ve ever done at Uptown 21.

Continue to join us Fridays at 11:30 for our #brownbagfridays lunch (expanded menu coming soon!).  Look out for new special events and the return of some of our favourite collaborations like 4 Ways Feast, Craft Dinners, and maybe even Iron Chef Uptown will make a comeback. We are happy to also announce that a big part of our focus will shift to private bookings in our dining room and off site catered events.  We are here and excited to help you plan your next event.

What we’ve accomplished in our time couldn’t have been done without a lot of people. And we’ll be counting on them in our new future too. Thanks to the incredible farmers we’ve been lucky to work with; the wine- and beer-makers, the cheese-makers and other purveyors — and everyone who has contributed to this amazing local food family.

Lastly — and most importantly — thank you to all our amazing customers who have become our friends and family over the years (and even the gluten free vegans, who put their trust in a place that had free bacon as a menu item!). Without you choosing us and supporting us none of this would have been possible. You’re the reason we’ve been so excited to show up to work day after day. You have helped us grow and put Uptown 21 and Waterloo Region on the dining map. From the bottom of our collective hearts, THANK YOU.

So, mark your calendars, Tuesday August 30 will be our last “regular” dinner service. Join in the weeks leading up and help us embark on our new venture as we celebrate all we’ve accomplished. Raise a glass, a fork or even a middle finger in a salute to Uptown 21!

We will be posting our upcoming events on all avenues of social media.  Stay tuned…

Nick & Nat